Welcome to the Apple King™ a unique, not from concentrate (NFC) juice.

The only shelf-stable NFC apple juice without ascorbic acid (vitamin C)


  • We produce it only from DESSERT APPLES of the first quality.

  • We use ONLY apples directly picked from trees. We DON'T use 'industrial' apples.

  • No artificial vitamin C or any other antioxidants added - very important for the taste!

  • Apples only from our own orchards


  • Contains HEALTHY INGREDIENTS from fresh apples

  • NATURALLY CLOUDY: not filtrated, not clarificated

  • No SUGAR or WATER added

  • No PRESERVATIVES of any kind

  • GREAT TASTE, loved by adults and CHILDREN!

  • Not to be repeated on a mass scale

  • Apples certified with GLOBAL GAP

  • Shelf life: 12 MONTHS

  • Packed in Tetra Pak and Bag in Box

  • Super taste AWARD 2016
The iTQi Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition of taste quality. It certifies that the awarded consumer food and drink products have met or exceeded the taste quality expectations of iTQi juries composed by 120 top European Chefs, Sommeliers and beverage experts. The products are tested blind on their own merits following a strict sensory analysis process that guarantees total neutrality. 

 Apple King - the best nfc apple juice. Cloudy, pressed. Without ascorbic acid.