Welcome to the Apple King™ a unique, not from concentrate (NFC) juice.

Rare, shelf-stable NFC apple juice without ascorbic acid (vitamin C)


  • We produce it only from DESSERT APPLES of the first quality.

  • We use ONLY apples directly picked from trees. We DON'T use 'industrial' apples.

  • No artificial vitamin C or any other antioxidants added - very important for the taste!

  • Apples only from our own orchards


  • Contains HEALTHY INGREDIENTS from fresh apples

  • NATURALLY CLOUDY: not filtrated, not clarificated

  • No SUGAR or WATER added

  • No PRESERVATIVES of any kind

  • GREAT TASTE, loved by adults and CHILDREN!

  • Not to be repeated on a mass scale

  • Apples certified with GLOBAL GAP

  • Shelf life: 12 MONTHS

  • Packed in Tetra Pak and Bag in Box

  • Super taste AWARD 2016, 2017

Apple King NFC juice

 Apple King NFC Reward

 Apple King - the best nfc apple juice. Cloudy, pressed. Without ascorbic acid.